In this section I will be teaching you how you will be able to get Google Play cards without having to spend money, I will teach you several methods with which you can get them, so I recommend that you read this section to the end as I am sure you will be interested.

As you already know when buying a Google Play card with real money, by redeeming the code that comes behind the card you receive the corresponding balance of that same card within the Google Play Store and this balance you can spend on your favorite games, books or even movies as well as many other things and I’m sure you need a code of a Google Play card to be able to buy something you want, so below I’ll show you the only methods there are to get Google Play cards.


Before telling you these methods I wanted to remind you never try to get Google Play cards other than in which I will tell you below, because if you put your email or any of your data on a page that is unreliable and in return promise that they will give you Google Play cards or something like that, most likely it is a lie and you lose your account, so once clarified this I will show you the only methods there are to get Google Play cards:

The first is obviously buying a card at a nearby supermarket, it is the most reliable of all because you are buying it at a trusted supermarket and you know that when you leave the supermarket you will have in your hands the code which you will be able to redeem.


Another option is to buy Google Play cards online, that is to go to an online store that sells these cards, but I remind you to always try to buy these cards on websites that are 100% reliable and secure, then I will leave you two websites which are safe and reliable and you can buy Google Play cards.

And finally, I’m going to show you the method by which you’re going to be able to get Google Play cards without having to spend money, and it’s with apps that allow you to receive money in exchange for doing surveys or downloading other apps so you can gradually generate a balance with which you can then redeem it for Google Play cards or many other things that are in the app, but you’re going to have to be pretty patient because here you’re not going to be able to redeem it for a Google Play card.


So be patient and spend a few minutes a day and you will be able to get little by little a balance with which you can buy your whims within a game or in the same Play Store, it is quite worth it because you will not have to put real money and you will get profits by doing simple surveys or watching advertising videos, the truth which is a very good option for those people who do not want to put real money into games or when they want to buy something can not do it at that time. .

And these would be the only ways there are to be able to get Google Play cards, I remind you that it is very important that you never enter your data on pages you do not trust. If you have any questions don’t forget to put them down in the comments section and we will be happy to solve them for you.

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